Fear of being Inferior

Trust me, you’re already the best in the way you are ✨

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Trying to become the best, the smartest, and the greatest is something we do often. Seeking for your friend interest in social medias, proofing that you’re the smartest student in your class, flexing that you’re able to buy many expensive things, or maybe you believe that you are the one to be chosen as the superior in your community, ever feel that way?

This kind of act is toxic.

I also understand that you might be doing this for the sake of the number. Say you want 5k+ followers on your social media. You want to prove that you are beautiful and talented. Or maybe you want to get 1st place in your class. As long as it’s not pure healthy competition, don’t you feel like you’re doing useless things?

Disfiguring members of your own community to prove that you are the best among the rest is disgusting.

Definitions from Oxford Languages

Every human is created to perform their respective roles, it’s not your job to decide which one is better than which.

Don’t be jealous if you’re not smarter than your friend. Take a bigger perspective, surely you have something that makes you better than the other.

Don’t be sad if you’re not beautiful or handsome enough. Take a bigger perspective, maybe you have great talent that can be proud of.

If you feel that you have something that better than the other, just keep it yourself and don’t let anyone know that you’re better than them. Let them decide that you’re qualified to be the superior of your own community. You just have to focus with your target, mission, or vision.

Respect the others. Try to make a healthy competition inside your community so that you can help built a bigger, greater, and healthier community.

Sometime, trying to proof that you’re the best than anyone else is an insult for yourself

Once again, please.. just respect yourself, love yourself. You already the best in the way you are.

From me to myself, written with 💔 by Ezra Lazuardy.

“An idiot admires complexity. A genius admires simplicity.” — Terry A Davis